Sunday 22 April 2012

The Accidental Cook (Garlic Bread)

I never thought I’d be able to cook. But then again I’d never really given it much thought. I grew up with a mum who is an excellent cook so it seemed counterintuitive and frankly quite daft to interfere in something she was so good at and seemed to do so quickly and effortlessly. In hindsight I wish I had started cooking earlier. It would have given my mum a well-deserved break and perhaps I could have found my passion for cooking much sooner.

So how did I end up being an accidental cook? Well it’s a case of needs must. I got married! Getting home from work a good hour earlier than hubby (I will refer to him as N from now on) I thought it was only fair that I should prepare something for dinner. But before I could think about that I had more pressing issues. My first priority was to clear out N’s supply of shop-bought frozen garlic bread. I kid you not, every drawer of our three drawer freezer was filled with every form of garlic bread you could think of – garlic baguettes, garlic slices, garlic pizza – the list goes on. He was mortified to start with, until I made him my homemade version that put all the others to shame. We’ve never eaten shop-bought garlic bread since.
Then came the next issue.  What on earth do you cook for dinner every day? Now, I know I’m not alone here; everyone must have this same problem. But for me this thought opened up a whole new world.  A world I find I am quite partial to. In fact, a world I find I love. 

So here it is, my food blog. Adventures of an accidental cook.  I advise you now, I am not a trained chef. I just have a passion for cooking and make tasty food for regular people. I promise I’ll try and make what I write relevant and I promise I’ll try and make it interesting, but above all I promise that I will write about the things I love. Food and cooking in all its glory.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog. If you do take the time to log on please leave a comment. What you agree with, what you disagree with, what you’re making for dinner, how your day was, anything really. I’m hoping it won’t just be a blog of me rambling on about food, interspersed with some recipes and the occasional rant. I hope we can generate discussion, share ideas and have some fun.

Below is my trusty garlic bread recipe, something simple to get started. Log in at the end of the week for another one of my favourite recipes…a must for every home cook’s repertoire.

Garlic Bread

(Serves 2 as an accompaniment)
4-5 inch portion of ciabatta cut in half down the middle
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 garlic cloves – peeled and crushed
Dried Italian herbs

·         Preheat the grill on low/medium
·         In a small bowl mix together the crushed garlic and olive oil (you can use butter instead of olive oil if you prefer, but I warn you there are a lot more calories in it!)
·         Spoon the mixture evenly over the ciabatta
·         Sprinkle with Italian herbs
·         Place under the grill for 5 minutes or until brown


  1. Hi Preeti i am so happy at last a garlic bread which takes only 5 min to make. i just made to try and wish i had made more just because i had only Half of ciabatta i could notmake more.
    I will make it again soon ONLY 5 Mins to make was the best bit.
    Please post more quick fix food and yummyyyyyyy.
    K. London

  2. This sounds like just the thing I need, something fun and a great first recipe. Do we have to wait a week for the next one?!

  3. hello accidental cook! enjoyed reading your awakening as a cook - look forward to the next update. garlic bread recipe was excellent. SS, London.

  4. Congratulations on your blog Miss Preeti! Looking forward to following your adventures. You have inspired me x

  5. sounds delicious, must try

  6. Paella! Great! Will definitely try this one. Keep them coming Accidental Cook.

  7. Hi Preeti

    Fantantic Blog! I've got a friend round for dinner tonight so can't wait to trythe garlic bread.... will let you know shortly!

  8. Really great you've started this blog. I'll be trying to make your recipes as and when!

  9. Hi Preeti I couldn't stop agreeing with u?! The perils of what to cook for dinner every day... It needs to be tasty, it needs to be quick(ish) (we don't always have the whole day cook !) , it needs to be healthy ( watching the weight!!) and of course hubby has to like it!
    I certainly am looking forward to ur recipe episodes and in very glad u put a veggie option to ur paella
    Good luck with ur menu planning and thanks in advance for ur help in ours!!!
    Sk MK

  10. Hi Preeti, I'm not much of a cook but will instruct my wife accordingly using your recipes and recomenndations. I have a suggestion for all your followers (not in the cult sense of course), I have recently acquired some great knifes from tesco at a greatly reduced price as they are on offer, I think this would benefit all budding enthusiastic cooks and would recommend them.

    Keep cooking..........GP central London with postcode to prove it!!

  11. Mrs Singla - what a wonderful blog - well done you - some of us dream and some of us do so give yourself a pat on the back - after putting that knife down of course!

    Will try your recipe as although Vegetarian, still keen to read and learn from your accidental endevours!


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