My Favourite Recipes

Although I wouldn't give up my collection of recipe books for anything I have to admit I often use the internet to find great recipes. It's just so accessible. I can have a think about what's in my fridge or something I have a particular craving for and at the touch of a button my inspiration for dinner is right there. Often these recipes are from celebrity chef websites or perhaps from other blogs but one of my favourite sources of inspiration is definitely the BBC Good Food Website. Below are some of my favourite links:

Jamie Oliver's Perfect Roast Chicken

BBC Good Food Toad-in-the-hole

Lorraine Pascale's Big Fat Tipsy Trifle

Nigel Slater's Sausage and Bean Casserole

BBC Good Food Chicken Noodle Soup

Mary Berry's Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Loaf Cake

Flour's Famous Banana Bread

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  1. My fave Roast Chicken recipe is easy peasy. You need 2 lemons and a handful of garlic cloves. Oh, and a chicken. Wash chicken inside (I was brought up to do this as in the olden days, they came with gizzards packed!) Wash lemons. Cut lemons into quarters. Pack lemon quarters and garlic into chicken cavity. You can stick in a sprig or two of fresh thyme if you like it. Put a skewer through the skin at the opening to keep closed if it gapes. Cook for 20 mins per pound + 20 mins. Leave to rest for 20 mins. The juices which flow during the cooking can be made into a gorgeous lemony, garlicky gravy with the addition of a spoonful of arrowroot and some light stock or wine. The lemon and garlic gently infuse a yummy flavour through the chicken. Yum yum yum. They have very nice organic chickens here in the BVI!


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