Sunday 19 May 2013

Eton Mess - A 5 minute dessert


This has probably got to be one of the quickest desserts ever. Granted, from the photo it just looks like strawberries and cream but I can promise you there's a little more in there. Eton Mess - it's fresh, simple and perfect for summer barbecues and dinner parties. Or like me, you could just make it for a random Saturday night in when you fancy something sweet after dinner. And it really does take five minutes, which means it's great if you have people round at the last minute or if you just don't fancy spending the whole day preparing for your dinner parties. If making it for other people I would probably suggest serving it in something more elegant that a white bowl - which means I really should put some glass dishes on my wish list!

And now for the recipe. All you need is some shop bought meringue nests (you could make them yourself but trust me it would no longer be a five minute dessert!), fresh strawberries, strawberry jam and fresh cream (I used a spray can). Crush up the meringue nest into a bowl and top with a tablespoon of good quality strawberry jam or conserve. Hull and quarter the strawberries and place on top. About 5-6 strawberries per person works well. Top with cream. And that's it! It really is so simple that I almost feel like a fraud giving it its own blog post!

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