Tuesday 4 November 2014

Home Essentials

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I do shop regularly, I get an Ocado delivery about twice a week, yet how is it that sometimes there is absolutely nothing in the fridge. Obviously I don't actually mean nothing. But even if I am having one of my most creative days I would still struggle to make a decent dinner out of carrots, Tabasco, strawberry flavoured muller corner and eggs. Yesterday was one of those days. I managed to pull together a paella-type concoction which actually tasted quite good, but sadly not blog worthy. The main problem was I didn't have any tomatoes. I mean cherry would have been ideal but I would have settled for regular. But no matter how much I searched I could not even find one little tomato. I knew the paella would survive. It ended up more like a risotto. Or a 'paelotto' as I decided to name it. But my biggest concern was the look on N's face when he came home and found out there was not a tomato to be found. You see N loves tomatoes. He eats them like fruit. Some times 2 or 3 whole tomatoes after a meal which has already contained tomatoes. Personally I don't get it, I actually don't like tomatoes very much, although I do get heavily persuaded to eat them these days by a certain tomato addict. But it got me thinking about my shopping order. There are a handful of things that are always the same. I'm sure everyone has staples but I wonder whether everyone's are the same. And ours have evolved over time. They used to be eggs, bread, milk, cheese, bananas, tomatoes etc. but somehow they have grown to include oranges, kiwis and most recently choc ices! So what are your shopping must haves? Name 5 things you absolutely must have at home. Go on write a comment. I know it's a hassle but I'd love to hear what you have to say. The page views are increasing every day, which is fantastic, but let's make this post an interactive one! 


  1. Got to be milk, bread, eggs, ham and cookies!

  2. 1. Parmesan (the real stuff, of course)
    2. Parsley
    3. Garlic
    4. Lemons
    5. Pasta

  3. Great essentials! You could make an entire dish out of your list Friday's Child and Michelle, cookies should be a staple in all homes! Thanks for commenting!


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